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Alan Sheptin


The Early Years.

My foray into tutoring started in high school, similar to where our students are now!

My mom, a retired teacher, was tutoring a third-grader, who needed remediation in reading. Her twin sister, who had to tag along, was jealous because she did not have her own tutor. So my mom suggested that she work on Math with me. Though she was an average student, we still worked diligently every week. Much to everyone’s surprise, my student scored 5 years above grade level on the New York City standardized math exam at the end of the year! I felt such a sense of accomplishment for myself and for her. This feeling of pride planted the seed for my love of tutoring and things to come.

It was in college that I realized I was really was on to something. As a senior and a Resident Advisor in an all-freshman dorm at the University of Pennsylvania, many students were taking and struggling with Calculus. One of my floormates came to me in despair, so I sat with her, helping to clarify her issues on several occasions.  She went on to pass her math test with a high score. It was not long before the word got out about my help and suddenly I had a tutoring business running out of my dorm room!


“Math may be my superpower,
but the real power comes from teaching students.”


After college, like many of my peers, off I went to the corporate world, power tie and all. I liked it but something seemed to be amiss.

I applied to teach at Kaplan, which, at the time, was the epitome of test prep. Working weekends and evenings for seven years taught me the ins and outs of the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. I even earned the recognition as a top tutor. I enjoyed this so more than my corporate job.

Just like my college experience, word started to get around to my neighbors that I had a knack for explaining complex math concepts to students and I began getting a lot of business in my local area.  I was much happier in my moonlighting gigs than in my corporate role and I knew it was time to make a change.


Sheptin Tutoring Group is Founded.

In 2007, I formed Sheptin Tutoring Group, to offer test prep, academic support and expert advice on all things high school.

In the past 12 years, my team has grown to 35 tutors. We offer private tutoring, group classes and courses for the SAT, ACT, AP exams and Regents reviews.

Sheptin Tutoring Group has a deep bench of talent, probably unparalleled in this region.


Continuously Growing.

As I met with more and more students, I became increasingly interested in college admissions. I enrolled in UCLA’s certificate program in Independent Education Consulting, graduating in 2012 with Highest Honors.

I have visited more than 130 universities both in the US and Europe and have been a participant in two British Council tours of UK universities. On my own, I also visited universities in Russia, Sweden, Scotland, and Portugal.

My company has partnered with other organizations in the US and abroad to bring our peerless, results-oriented courses to students outside of Westchester County.

Our goal is to continue to grow within the United States and abroad, either through organic growth or partnerships.


Please contact us with questions, inquiries, advice, setting up programs near you, and any synergies.  We love to hear from you, the door is always open.

Alan Sheptin