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The SATs, SAT Subject Tests, and ACTs are a high school rite of passage. How a family chooses to approach the preparation needed for these important tests is a personal decision

‘Alan’s expertise and knowledge of preparing students for SATs is superlative, it is no coincidence that our students’ scores improved dramatically once Alan began working with them. It’s a joy to watch how he makes the most complex ideas or concepts easily understood by all the students and his ability to enthuse and engage young people is inimitable. Alan’s technical knowledge is a given, but it’s his warmth, generosity and ability to connect with people and get the best out of them that has truly impressed me.’

Mouhssin Ismail

Head of School, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form, London

The Sheptin Tutoring Group offers many forms of preparation to fit your individual needs.

The Triad Appoach

It begins with a diagnostic to determine which test best fits the student. Thereafter tutoring, one-on-one, in small groups, or a traditional classroom setting, will help your student achieve his or her personal best.

1. Tutoring: Review of Homework, Strategy Development, Skills Enhancement.

2. Homework: Weekly Practice Exams, Skill Building, Content Review.

3. Practice Tests: Student take several in-class or in-office exams, to get ready for the “big day.”

Regular Progress Updates

We want you to be the parent, not the nag! We will keep you and your student apprised on his or her progress, praising and goading when necessary.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests can supplement your application to show proficiency in other subjects.

We offer group review courses for the following exams:
Math Level 1
Math Level 2