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We Acknowledge

That for admission to independent middle and upper schools, students must take an entrance examination. There are two such exams: the SSAT and ISEE. You should refer to the admission guidelines to the schools on your student’s list.


At Sheptin Tutoring Group, our philosophy for prepping for these competitive, important exams are the same as for any standardized test:

Start early: Three to six months before the test date is an ideal start.
Take a full-length practice test: This diagnostic will serve as a baseline and help your student plan appropriate preparation.

Understand strengths and weaknesses: We will look at the diagnostic and your student’s academic abilities to gauge gaps in knowledge, filling those gaps as time progresses.

Acquire test-taking strategies: Being efficient, eliminating wrong answers and obvious answers will help your child exceed expectations. Best yet: any skills your student learns during ISEE/SSAT preparation will be invaluable for all future standardized test preparation.