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Tutoring Support
Middle School through Graduate School.

Via Skype or Local.
Long Term or Short Term
Specific goals or general support.
Private tutoring or small groups.

Finals Prep
Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua.

After seeing how much our Regents Review program benefited their students, we worked with a group of parents to create a group review series to help students prepare for their local midterm and final examinations. This was in 2013.

Today, these reviews have become the “must go” experience, where we have created our own curriculum to complement Greeley’s courses.

Our Current Line-up includes coursework in:

History: Global 9

Math: Geometry; Enriched Geometry; Enriched Algebra II and Trigonometry; Advanced Precalculus with Calculus; Math 9 Honors; Math 10 Honors

Spanish: Year 9 Accelerated; Year 10 Accelerated


Set Up a Program For Your School

Following the successful model of our Horace Greeley program, we can set up support for your school.

Contact us to discuss how the Sheptin Tutoring Group can implement this concept for your school district.