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We Recognize

Stress starts early. Rumors abound about the SAT and ACT.
Students panic.
Parents get in a frenzy.
We help put an end to this.

Our SACT – 10 course is geared to tenth graders.
It is a four-month, low-stress program that will preview the principles of the SAT and the ACT in easy to digest chunks. We will start the program in February.
It gives these students a head start, and helping them keep cool in 11th grade.


An introduction to the exams in a low key environment, learning about phrasing, question types and strategy.


A combination test review that culminates in a diagnostic and exam blueprint for junior year. It is a six month program that only takes 2.5 hours per month of your student’s time.


Prepping before diagnostic.
Gain test sophistication.