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We Offer

The Best Regents Review Available!
With Regents scores counting up to 20 percent of a student’s final grade and with tests becoming increasingly difficult due to more rigorous requirements, you need to take the necessary steps
to achieve the best results possible for your student.

Our Approach

Our five-pronged approach to outstanding Regents review encompasses five key areas:

Overview of Curriculum: Our teachers have designed outstanding review workbooks students take home to use after the course is complete.

Direct Instruction: We reteach the most complex aspects of the curriculum, using research-driven methods to ensure success.

Problem Solving: Modeling best practices on how to approach complex problems is an integral part of our courses.

Essay Writing: Instructing students how to craft essays and short responses to attain maximum points.

Exam Strategies: From managing multiple choice, to effectively using the calculator, your student will walk into the Regents prepared and confident.

Our Newest Program is Regents Review X

This is the program for your student if he or she needs additional TLC. With 20% more class time, a reduced class size and an assistant available for more individual help, this is the course that will bolster your student’s confidence and skills!

Courses Offered

We offer one weekend day or two evening programs in the following courses:

Math: Algebra I; Geometry; Algebra 2
Science: Earth Science; Living Environment (Biology); Chemistry; Physics
History: Global History and Geography; U.S. History
English: English Language Arts