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As a practitioner, I try to get my hands on as many recent SAT exams and attend as many webinars that discuss what is going on with the SAT and ACT.

This past week, I went to one of the best webinars because we, as a group of test prep professionals, discussed what we’ve observed with respect to both tests.

On the SAT reading, one word is repeated in text multiple times, used in different ways. The ACT reading has not really changed.

So, here are some of the tidbits you and your students need to look out for in the Math SAT:

  1. The use of exponential functions has become increasingly prevalent. Being able to understand what the rate of change implies, as well as the x and y intercepts are key.
  2. Linear equations with no solutions or unlimited solutions have also been tested more and more. 
  3. Understanding the significance of the x and y intercepts has been tested repeatedly in a single exam.

The ACT has also emphasized several topics that have been slighted in the past:

  1. The composition of functions, an Algebra II concept, has come up more frequently.
  2. Regression, or line of best fit, has also shown up. Be sure to know the terms interchangeably.
  3. Being able to understand the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of a conditional statement. This used to be taught in the logic portion of most standard Geometry courses. It is rarely taught these days.
  4. The Counting Principle has also cropped up.
  5. And the ACT has repeated one question that goes something like this: a 3-foot 10-inch plank of wood is cut in half. What is the length of each resulting plank?

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