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Hi! This is Alan Sheptin from Sheptin Tutoring Group.

When I was in high school, my two favorite classes were foreign languages and math. I was lucky because I had amazing teachers who knew how to get me excited about these areas.

So when I was planning to apply to college, I was agonizing about what to put as my intended major. I thought French. I liked speaking it. I read Zola and Malraux in high school and thought they were impressive. I visited Paris.

But I loved BC Calculus, too. Understanding the why behind some of the earlier math and science courses I studied really excited me.

I did not know what to do. So, when it came to applying, for some schools I indicated French as my intended major. For others, it was Mathematics.

The good news is that most colleges will not require you to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year. So, think of your first two years of school as your own personal sandbox in which to play. 

In high school, you are generally exposed to five areas of study. In college, there are so many others, like Linguistics. Anthropology. Sociology. Criminal Justice.

And here are a few that I bet you never knew existed: Packaging Science. Viticulture. Canadian Studies. Puppetry. Poultry Science!

In your first two years, commit to taking just one course that is a conversation starter for your friends. When you get home for Thanksgiving break, imagine saying to your family, “Oh yeah, in my Avian Anatomy class, we learned about the differences between the wild and domesticated turkey!”

By the way, I did major in Math and minored in French. I still remember how to solve a differential equation and conjugate être in the imperfect subjunctive. 

You are dedicated to your kids. So are we.

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