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What has Alan been up to during the Summer?

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Summer Studies

For the past couple of Summers, Alan Sheptin of Sheptin Tutoring has been hard at work. What has he been doing you ask? Well, instead of taking a break like most teachers, Alan has traveled across the country and over to England! (Except for this past Summer of course…)

What kind of projects has he been doing?

He spends his time with some of the students of NCS (or the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre).

There he did a five day course preparing students for applying to American Universities. This included SAT Prep, essay review, and college planning. As a result of his efforts, many of his students were accepted at top tier American Colleges and Universities.

Learn more about the program below.



“Over five days the students were stretched, challenged, pushed, and supported through an intense crash course devised by our visiting tutor Alan Sheptin. Alan, who is based in New York has spent years preparing American students for the SAT and is now working with The NCS to introduce them to the specifics of the exam alongside the differences in language that often flummox UK applicants. Numerous practice tests followed by forensic examining of the answers allowed NCS students to build their knowledge and confidence, seeing huge improvements in scores by the end of Friday.”

The School Talks about the experience and how successful it was!


Watch this great interview with the students here: Link

Alan hopes to continue this project for the years to come. He plans to offer this service to other European Schools as well.


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