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Worried about the SAT? We can help!

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The SAT and Sheptin Tutoring, a match made in Test Heaven


What is the SAT and SAT Subject Test?

The test has changed but you can prepare! How? Knowledge is power…

  1. Know what to expect. Find more information from the College Board here.

2.  Find out what kinds of questions you’ll see on the SAT and what they measure.

SAT Subject Tests 

SAT Subject Tests can supplement your application to show proficiency in other subjects.

Sheptin Tutoring Group offers group review courses for the following exams:
Math Level 1
Math Level 2

When is the test offered?

What is changing for the future for the SAT?

The pandemic has changed all parts of our lives. With school remote and some test days not available, what can you do?

  1. Sheptin Tutoring offers SSAT and SSACT classes and individual resources virtually for Sophomores and Juniors
  2. High school juniors can take advantage of the opportunities and resources that are available online. Juniors can enroll in online practice tests, narrow down career choices, start to identify the best colleges for that career, and research affiliated professional organizations that may have student engagement opportunities.
  3. There is limited testing capacity in certain areas due to public health restrictions and high demand. When you are at your testing site, the rules have changed.

Make sure you have everything you need to prepare:  photo ID, pencils, calculator, and snack. Most importantly— the confidence that comes from knowing what to expect from Sheptin Tutoring Group.

How can Sheptin Tutoring Group help you?

The Triad Approach

It begins with a diagnostic to determine which test best fits the student. Thereafter tutoring, virtual one-on-one, in small groups, or a virtual traditional classroom setting, which will help your student achieve his or her personal best.

1. Tutoring: Review of Homework, Strategy Development, Skills Enhancement.

2. Homework: Weekly Practice Exams, Skill Building, Content Review.

3. Practice Tests: Student takes several practice exams, to get ready for the “big day.”




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